E agora?
  1. Selecciona o MINI Check-In, Welcome Breakfast & Keynote Speaker
  2. Se compraste um bilhete Tour, selecciona o tema da tour que compraste
  3. Se compraste um bilhete Open Schedule, selecciona as 4 sessões em que queres participar
  4. Selecciona o MINI Check-Out
  5. E já está! As tuas opções ficam automaticamente guardadas e tens tudo pronto para ires ao MINI NewCo
What about now?
  1. Select MINI Check-In, Welcome Breakfast & Keynote Speaker
  2. If you bought a Tour ticket, select the name of the tour you bought
  3. If you bought an Open Schedule tour, select the 4 sessions you want to attend
  4. Select MINI Check-Out
  5. And that’s it! Your options will be automatically saved and you’ll be ready to go to MINI NewCo
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Startup Braga

In partnership with Microsoft, Startup Braga is a leading innovation hub, designed to assist the inception and development of high potential entrepreneurial projects for international markets.
We provide business pre-acceleration, acceleration, and incubation programs, as well as facilitated access to investment sources, for startups with global ambitions. 
From Braga to the World, we focus on Digital Economy, HealthTech and NanoTech Verticals helping with Product Innovation, Growth, Sales, and Investment. 

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Thursday, October 18